Become a Certified Field Agent and Dress Up As a Superhero this Halloween!

October 28, 2016

Become a Certified Field Agent and Dress Up As a Superhero this Halloween!Only a weekend separates you from Halloween and you must really be in crunch time to figure out what type of costume you should wear. Most of your friends are probably dressing up as something witty or funny, or a serious character from a movie or television show. The friends that you have with families are probably not even dressing up, instead focusing on getting their little one the perfect Halloween costume. That leaves you trying to figure out what to be. Do you want to dress up as a real life superhero? Then slap on your Certified Field Agent badge, don a cape and you are ready to go! Don’t have a Certified Field Agent badge? Then maybe it’s time to learn what it is and become one!

What is a Certified Field Agent?

A Certified Field Agent is a representative of Certified Field Agent who essentially acts as the middleman or woman between our clients and the facilities that they are requesting documents from. Our clients will request certain medical or legal documents and then you will be responsible for tracking down these documents and securing a copy of them for our clients. You may work with medical facilities, hospitals, and other record retention centers throughout your time working with Certified Field Agent. 

Can I become a Certified Field Agent?

Yes. As long as you meet a set of requirements, you can apply to become a Certified Field Agent! The great news is that Certified Field Agent is hiring qualified Certified Field Agents today! 

What qualifications do I need to become a Certified Field Agent?

For Standard Clearance at Certified Field Agent, you will need a strong work ethic and great communication skills. You also need to have a laptop that will be approved by us, and access to internet connection. You will need a document printer and scanner that meet our specifications, DBA documentation, a valid Driver’s License and Automotive insurance. You also need to agree to use our specific scanning software and submit to a background check. Applicants must also be 18 years of age or older, and complete the required questionnaire. To become a Certified Field Agent, you must meet these requirements. You will then need to study the HIPAA guidelines and rules, and pass a certification exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive your Certified Field Agent badge and your first assignment. 

Where can I learn more about becoming a Certified Filed Agent?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Certified Field Agent for Certified Field Agentor the different levels of security clearance, you can visit the FAQ section of our website here. 

How do I apply to become a Certified Field Agent?

To apply to become a Certified Field Agent for Certified Field Agent, simply fill out the short application online. You will hear back from us in a few days regarding your application!