Heading to College? We Have the PERFECT Part-Time Job for You!

September 8, 2016

Heading to College? We Have the PERFECT Part-Time Job for You!It’s that time of year again. You pack up your bedroom, carefully choosing which clothes to bring, before just deciding to shove them all into your already overstuffed suitcases. You’ve carefully rolled up your posters and selected the pictures of your high-school friends and family members that you want to bring with you. Your car is packed to the brim with lamps, pillows, a new bedding set from your local home goods store, and the occasional school supplies, while your backpack – with the shiny new laptop in it – has taken up residence on the passenger seat next to you.

Then comes the hard part of saying goodbye to your parents, whom are both excited and terrified for you to begin this new adventure without them. You give them each a hug and promise that you’ll call as soon as you get in, though you know you’ll likely forget as soon as you step foot on campus.

You drive there, unpack and get settled before meeting your new roommate and falling into instant, carefree conversation that assures you this is someone you will become very close with over the course of the school year.

As time goes by, your circle of new friends grows larger, as your bank account shrinks. There’s textbooks to buy, dates to go out on, concerts to see, school apparel to buy so that you fit in at sporting events, and let’s not forget about the snacks and energy drinks for all-night study sessions. If you take at a glance at your bank account and see how depleted it is, don’t panic! Certified Field Agent is looking to hire qualified individuals to become part of our team.

What is a Certified Field Agent?

A  Certified Field Agent is someone who serves as a data retrieval specialist. You will essentially be the intermediary between Certified Field Agent clients, and the facility that has the data our client is requesting. This ranges from doctor’s offices, medical facilities, courts and more.

You Said This Job is Part-time?

Yes, this job can be as many or as little hours as you would like! Jobs are all project based, so whether you want to work a lot, or a few hours during a certain week is entirely your call. If you have a huge Biology or English test coming up, then you don’t have to take any jobs that week. However, if you’re planning a spring break trip with your friends and need to make some extra cash, then you can pick up a few more projects. We are flexible and that makes Certified Field Agent the perfect part-time college job. Your friends who pick up shifts in the dining hall or recreation rooms will definitely be jealous of your immensely flexible schedule!

What Does it Take to Become a CFA?

To qualify, you must be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license from the state that you live in, have a laptop and internet connection, complete and pass our online HIPAA training course, as well as meet a few other requirements. The full list of requirements for becoming a Certified Field Agent at Certified Field Agent can be found here. If you meet these requirements, to become a CFA at Certified Field Agent you will need to fill out a simple online application, found here.

If you need the extra cash while you are away at college, then you should seriously consider applying to join the professional staff at Certified Field Agent. Not only will it help defray some of the costs of college, but it also looks great on a resume!