Help – I Lost The Title To My Car!

May 16, 2020

Help – I Lost The Title To My Car!

Did you know that you need a title to prove that you own a vehicle? The flimsy piece of paper might seem insignificant, but it is anything but.

What is the title to a car?

A car title is a document the proves you legally own the car. When you have the title of your car in your legal possession, it means that you can sell, trade, or register the car in any state. This piece of paper might not seem so important, but it is extremely essential to have in your possession.

What happens if I cannot prove that I legally own my car?

If you cannot locate the title of your car that proves you won the vehicle, you will not be able to legally sell, trade, or register the vehicle. If you sell a car without having the title in your possession to transfer, it means the buyer cannot legally take possession of the vehicle or even register it in their name. You may still find someone to buy the vehicle if you do not have the title, but many legitimate buyers will be scared away due to the fact that you cannot legally prove you own the car, and thus, they will be unable to legally register it in their name.

How can I obtain a duplicate title if I’ve lost mine?

If you lost the title to your car, the first step is to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get a copy of the title. You will need to present a variety of documents, depending on the state you live in, including your driver’s license, lien release, and an affidavit of facts. This can be a complicated and frustrating process, so let Certified Field Agent help!

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