Need a Death Certificate? CFA Can Find It!

September 26, 2016

Need a Death Certificate? CFA Can Find It!The death of an immediate family member is a trying time for everyone involved. Not only are you forced to deal with the emotional turmoil surrounding their passing, but you are also responsible for many legal and logistical obligations. Funeral arrangements must be organized, phone calls to inform others must be made, and travel arrangements for yourself and the extended family might fall on your shoulders as well.

Then comes the task of settling an estate, which can go smoothly or not, and this can be almost as difficult as battling through the emotional ramifications. The legal intricacies of settling an estate can leave your head spinning. There’s documents to be signed. There’s documents to be tracked down. There’s tax implications to consider. There’s family members unhappy with their share of the division of assets. And if no will was left, then this process becomes insurmountably more difficult and trying.

When it comes down to it, you will need the death certificate of your loved one to begin the process of settling an estate, filing for life insurance benefits, and for many other reasons. However, a death certificate is not always easy to track down. They are held in the Office of Vital Records in whichever county the death occurred in and it can be extremely difficult to gain access to them if you do not live in the area. Also, if a death occurred more than six months prior to when you request the certificate, they will no longer be at the recorder’s office.

Don’t let the hassle of tracking down a death certificate add to the stress you are feeling during this very emotional time. Let Certified Field Agent help!

Certified Field Agent will track down the death certificate of your loved one

We know how important a death certificate is to settling an estate, as well as how hard they can be to track down. At Certified Field Agent, we have a nationwide network of certified field agents that can obtain the documents that you are looking for. We can guarantee that our data retrieval specialists will be able to gather these records for you, while you grieve comfortably within the confines of your home.

Certified Field Agent has a team of qualified and professional CFA’s

At Certified Field Agent, our team of CFA is highly qualified and always acts in a professional manner. To obtain various levels of clearance, CFAs must pass background checks and several training courses to ensure that they are capable of handling data retrieval tasks. Rest assured that you will have dedicated, quality individuals working to retrieve your documents.

Certified Field Agent is waiting for you call

Do you have documents that need to be tracked down? If you are looking for a death certificate, or any other legal or medical document, Certified Field Agent can track it down and obtain exactly what you are looking for. Let us help you during this trying time by removing some of the stress of locating documents. Call us today at 714-632-3480, or email info@datafied.com to put us to work for you!