What is Certified Field Agent.com?

CFA is a website dedicated to the certification, coordination and connection of certified fields agents with requesting parties who need onsite representation to securely perform the exchange of the required data.

What is a Certified Field Agent (CFA)?

A Certified Field Agent (CFA) is a representative of our organization that has met predetermined quality and professional standards and  is willing to perform the task of data retrieval services in their respective territories.  Our core competency centers around the retrieval of medical data from hospitals, medical facilities, and any medical record retention center(s).  Simply stated, a certified field agent will be asked to be the middle man/woman between the medical facilities who have the data, and our clients who are requesting them for various reasons including insurance, audits, lawsuits, etc.

What do I need to become a CFA?

Standard Clearance Level

  1. Good work ethic, timeliness, effective communications skills, and a desire to be one of the best
  2. Internet connection
  3. Lap top that will need to be certified by us
  4. Document printer and scanner (Contact us for specifications and rental programs)
  5. Valid driver’s license in the state your side resides from
  6. Auto insurance
  7. Corporation and/or DBA documentation
  8. CFA badge worn at all times including professional looking polo shirts
  9. Agree to utilize our patent pending scanning software technology platform
  10. Background check to be performed by one of our professional organizations
  11. Complete and pass our HIPAA course online training
  12. Completion of our questionnaire and our required documentation
  13. Must be 18 years or older

Advanced Clearance Level

  1. Same requirements of Standard level
  2. Higher level background check including multiple references
  3. Previous work experience requirements (i.e. Retired Military, FBI, Police, etc.)
  4. Utilization of higher level technology
  5. Pass drug screening
  6. Required education and/or certifications.  (i.e. College Degree, RN’s, MD’s, etc.)

Special Agent Clearance Level

  1. Contact us for requirements and/or presentation of your special skill sets