10 WAYS CERTIFIEDFIELDAGENT.COM CAN HELP YOU Often when we set to work on a task, we are not aware of everything it entails or the ways to make things run smoother. In this case, maybe you are moving and need to track down your medical records from your current doctors. Did you know that Certified Field Agent can help make that exhausting process easier? Or if need to obtain access to a death certificate, but live in a different state – rest assured that Certified Field Agent can help there too! These are just two examples, but Certified Field Agent can help in so many other ways. Take a look at the ten different ways that Certified Field Agent can help make your life easier.

Medical Records

If you are switching doctors due to a move or simply dissatisfaction with your current provider, Certified Field Agent can ensure that you get a copy of all of your medical records. These records cover your medical history and any new doctor will want to make sure they have a copy of them when providing you with care.

Divorce Papers

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of going through a divorce, then you know how much paperwork and legal jargon the process involved. If you need to look back at a settlement agreement to determine financial exchanges or a custody arrangement, but have since lost the court papers, or are planning to get married again and cannot find a certified copy of your divorce decree, we can help retrieve the documents for you!

Will & Trust Documents

When someone passes away, potential beneficiaries may need to locate trust account documents. These documents are difficult to track down and can contain extremely private information. With our help, you can rest assured that these will and trust papers will be in your hands in a timely manner, with confidentiality guaranteed.

Bankruptcy Filings

Most cases involving bankruptcy are handled by the federal bankruptcy courts, which makes tracking down the related records extremely difficult. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is at your disposal to track down the documents you need in a fraction of the time.

Birth Certificates

Do you know all of the specific instances where you will need a copy of your birth certificate? If not, you will learn quickly when you try to travel outside of the United States, apply for a driver’s license, or attempt to register for school. Did you lose yours? Or perhaps it’s buried in your office under boxes of documents? You wouldn’t want to miss out on that trip to Europe because you couldn’t locate a certified copy of your birth certificate, would you? Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is here to obtain either a certified or a non-certified copy of your birth certificate for you.

Dental Records

If you’ve lost your dental records, it can be difficult to track them down as the years pass by. You may need to contact multiple offices and pay copy or recreation fees. This can be a complicated process, but we can help make it less painful. As for making a root canal less painful – you’re on your own!

Mortgage Agreements

Mortgage documents are important because they show what is owed on a property, and who owns it. These documents need to be kept safe, but if you’ve lost or misplaced yours, Certified Field Agent can dispatch a CFA and obtain the necessary documents for you.

Tax Records

Did you know that the IRS has copies of all prior tax returns, but they are not available online? If you’ve lost your tax returns due to a move, natural disaster or have simply misplaced them, it might be a good idea to contact Certified Field Agent so that the documents can be recovered. They can also be stored electronically so that you will never need to track them down again!

Death Certificate

You might not know the importance of a death certificate until it is time to settle on the estate of someone who is deceased. Unfortunately, this is the time when you will also learn how difficult it is to obtain a copy of one. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is here and able to collect the death certificate for you, helping move the process along.

Title of Ownership

Often times when you take a trip to the DMV to do anything regarding a car that you have just purchased, the word “title” will come up quite often. Unfortunately, if you do not have the title to the car, which is proof that you actually own the car, you can face serious delays in registering a vehicle or changing license plates when you move to a new state. If you’ve misplaced, or never received the title of ownership to your car, call Certified Field Agent today and let us track it down for you!

If you need the help of Certified Field Agent for any of the reasons above, do not hesitate to contact us at 714-632-3480 or email info@datafied.com. We would be glad to help retrieve the documents that you need!