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Make Some Extra Cash for Summerc

April 20, 2017

Make Some Extra Cash for SummercSummer is coming much quicker than anticipated and that means that school will be out of session and the real family fun begins. Think about all of the great memories you will make with your children. There will be backyard bonfires, trips to the beach or local amusement parks, and even an epic family road trip that your kids will remember for years to come. Unfortunately, many of these fun outings cost money and with a tightening economy it can be hard enough to pay the bills on time, let alone afford vacations and entertainment.

Taking a second job could help…

Certified Field Agent – Not Just for Medical Records

April 5, 2017

Certified Field Agent – Not Just for Medical RecordsWhen you find yourself needing official, legal or medical records, it can be stressful. No matter the reason, when you are required to present official documents in any situation, the moment that you realize you do not have them can be extremely harrowing and stressful. Half of the times, you don’t even know where to begin tracking down documents, which can only increase your frustration.  Now, you may have heard of companies that can track down your medical records and files, but what about other documents? Is there a company that offers assistance in…