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Moving a grandparent or parent to a retirement home? CertifiedFieldAgent.com Can Help!

May 22, 2015

grandparentHelping a grandparent, parent, or other elderly relative move into a retirement home or nursing facility can be a cumbersome task. Many seniors have lived in the same home for decades, and have trouble wrapping their mind around the explanations you and others give them about why it isn’t wise to live there anymore. Condensing a lifetime of acquired possessions, including countless keepsakes, can by incredibly difficult. Sorting through everything, packing it up, and then unpacking it in his or her new home can be so stressful.

Additionally, many retirement homes have dining rooms, where residents may enjoy their meals together, but it can be hard for some to think of giving…

Military Families—How CertifiedFieldAgent.com Can Simplify Your Life

May 1, 2015

Military Families—How CertifiedFieldAgent.com Can Simplify Your LifeMilitary families express an incredible amount of resilience, strength, and At , we believe that it’s our patriotic duty to make life simpler for our servicemen and women and their families. Our services make obtaining any important documentation easy and hassle-free, allowing people to request their records with a few clicks of the mouse or a quick phone call.

Single parenting during deployment

When one spouse has been deployed, the other spouse can sometimes feel like a single parent. All of the nose-wiping, homework-helping, lunch preparing, household chores, and so on fall to that one parent. Adding another time-consuming tasks to their To Do list would be absolutely…