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Common Reasons You Might Need Your Birth Certificate

April 28, 2020

Your birth certificate is an extremely important document. Wondering why you might need a copy of your birth certificate? Keep reading for 5 common reasons why you’ll need a copy of your birth certificate.

  1. Registering for School
  2. When you register for school, chances are that you will need to submit a copy of your birth certificate to prove your age. Schools want to make sure that your child is the appropriate age to start school, which is why you’ll likely need to present a copy of a birth certificate to register your child for school.

  3. Proof of Age
  4. If you ever need proof of your age, your birth certificate is an essential piece…

Document Retrieval Services That You Can Trust

April 14, 2020

Document Retrieval Services That You Can Trust

Certified Field Agent is a company that specializes in document retrieval services. At Certified Field Agent, we offer a variety of document retrieval services, including:

  • Medical Records: HIPAA grants you access to copies of your medical records but it isn’t always easy to get ahold of them on your own. Whether you’re switching doctors, moving, or need copies of immunization records to register for school Certified Field Agent can help obtain copies for you.
  • Divorce Papers: If you’re planning to get married again, you may need a certified copy of your divorce decree to show the marriage license…