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Tracking Down Your Divorce Decree

August 25, 2016

Tracking Down Your Divorce Decree The day you never thought would come again is quickly approaching. After separating from and divorcing your previous spouse, you’re getting married again – congrats! After spending a portion of your life wondering if love would ever find you again, you have finally found someone to make the leap with again. You might be caught up in the enthralling, intricate details of planning your wedding, but don’t forget the legal details that this entails. When you go to the courthouse before your wedding date to get your marriage license, don’t be alarmed when you are asked for a certified copy…

Requirements for Becoming a CFA

August 5, 2016

Requirements for Becoming a CFAA Certified Field Agent is someone who completes the task of data retrieval in various categories of documents. Though our main area of focus is retrieving medical documents from medical facilities, hospitals and medical record retention offices, CFAs at also help clients by retrieving divorce papers, will documents, bankruptcy filings, certified birth certificates, dental records, mortgage agreements, tax records, ownership titles and death certificates, among others. Plainly stated, CFAs act as an intermediary between clients and the facilities that have the documents our clients have requested.

Our Certified Field Agents have all met specific requirements and perform tasks in a timely, professional…