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How to Find Important Documents and Keep Them Safe

July 7, 2014

Important DocumentsIf you’ve lost important documents, you may be wringing your hands in despair. After all, losing vital paperwork can lead to dire consequences. For example, without a certified copy of your birth certificate, you may have to forgo an important international trip. Without a copy of your divorce decree and custodial agreement, you may not have a leg to stand on in a custody dispute. If you lose your elderly aunt’s will, there may be some problems collecting your inheritance when she passes. In our current age of everything-is-digital, it can be challenging to tote around a passel of paperwork. This is especially true when…

Financial Consequences of Missing Documents

July 1, 2014

Financial ConsequencesIt may be challenging to keep track of hardcopy paperwork in our current digital age, but doing so is a must. Individuals who lose critical documents can suffer some serious financial consequences. There are many reasons people let these important papers slip through the cracks, such as during a move, after a divorce, because of a fire, or simply as a result of absentmindedness. Some very important documents have to be lugged around for decades, or even a lifetime. That’s a long time to have to keep tabs on a pile of papers. Luckily, for those who do lose their hardcopies of birth certificates, tax records, and titles…