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Don’t Be Scared by the Thought of Retrieving Medical Records!

October 30, 2020

Don't Be Scared by the Thought of Retrieving Medical Records!

Halloween is almost upon us and that means we’re midway through spooky season. There are few things more frightening than scary movies and haunted houses but for some, obtaining copies of their medical records can be the most frightening thing of all.

If you are scared by the thought of retrieving medical records, don’t be because Certified Field Agent makes the process simple! Not sure how Certified Field Agent can help when it comes to obtaining copies of your medical records? Keep reading to learn more.

Why do I need copies of my medical…

What is a Death Certificate?

October 16, 2020

What is a Death Certificate?

Do you know what a death certificate is? Chances are that you’ve never needed to concern yourself with this type of official document but if you stumbled across this article that might have changed. Death certificates are not something that most individuals encounter on a regular basis, but there are circumstances where you have to obtain copies of these records. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is here to help by providing some information about death certificates and offering to obtain certified copies of a death certificate for you.

What is a death certificate?

A death certificate is an official document that is issued by the…