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Keeping Financial Records: The Basics

October 24, 2014

When it comes to financial records, it is important to know which records to keep.

Financial RecordsThroughout an individual’s lifetime he or she will accumulate a countless number of records. Medical records, tax records, dental records, and payment records are all examples of documents that keep record of things that we have done or spent in our lives. With all of these records accumulating over the years, it can be difficult to understand which records should be kept and how long these records should be kept for. Financial records are especially tricky because we generate so many of them and some are very important while others are much…

Why You Should Become A Certified Field Agent

October 10, 2014

Working as a Certified Field Agent Has Lots Of Exciting Benefits

Certified Field AgentAs we all are probably aware by now, finding and keeping a good job these days is a tough thing to do. With a bad economy, high layoff rates, and a lack of companies hiring the job market in the United States is pretty bleak to say the least. As a result, many people have turned to working multiple part time jobs or jobs that are really below their skill level or outside of their comfort zone to compensate. Wouldn’t it be nice to work a job where you could choose your own hours,…