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Tax Records Retrieval

March 28, 2016

Tax Records RetrievalThe common piece of advice that frequently gets passed around is that all legal records should be kept for seven years. This is the amount of time that organizations are required to keep in order to review information from the past. The only problem is that this isn’t all possible – fires, floods, and other “acts of God” can destroy the records. Maybe even a simple human mistake resulted in the loss of your tax records, but now you need to get ahold of them. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) retains copies of prior tax records, but they’re not available online anywhere.

If you need to track…

How to Become a Certified Field Agent

March 12, 2016

How to Become a Certified Field Agent is one of the nation’s premiere data retrieval companies. It’s an important field that’s becoming increasingly prominent as people more and more heavily rely on the internet for everything. The great thing about the internet is that you can do almost anything, and now you can get ahold of just about any important document by requesting it online.

Paper and digital files

However, many record-keeping facilities still rely on hard copies of files, and even if facilities do have digital record keeping systems set up, those who request records have to jump through tons of hoops to get the documents…