8 interesting facts you might not know about CertifiedFieldAgent.com

8 interesting facts you might not know about CertifiedFieldAgent.comCertified Field Agent is a data retrieval company that tracks down important documents for clients every single day. We’re always asking the fundamental question, “How can we help you?” Here are 8 interesting facts you may not be aware of about Certified Field Agent.

  1. Certified Field Agent is a nationwide network. We operate in many of the most populous cities of the U.S. Check out our service area map here. Feel free to call us at 714-632-3480 or email info@datafied.com to find out if we serve your area.
  2. We specialize in medical record retrieval. When you request medical records from Certified Field Agent, you’ll receive them much more quickly than if you were to do it on your own. Our sister company, OrderMedicalRecords.com, has secured over 2 million medical records since 1993. Our agents work efficiently to get your important medical information as efficiently as possible without forsaking absolute accuracy and security.
  3. Hiring an agent from Certified Field Agent is an easy, stress-free process. Simply fill out this form! We pride ourselves on making sure our clients’ needs are met perfectly. Many of our former clients have passed along our name and contact info to others because they are so satisfied with their experience with Certified Field Agent.
  4. We can get whatever you need! Let us track down whatever data you need to get ahold of as quickly as possible. We offer custom services, so don’t be afraid to inquire today by calling 714-632-3480 or emailing info@datafied.com.
  5. Got audited? Get a copy of your back tax records from the past few years by hiring a certified field agent from Certified Field Agent. We make audits much less stressful by providing the necessary tax documents you require without any hassle.
  6. We also provide birth and death certificates. There’s no need to deal with bureaucratic government workers yourself. You don’t need to miss work, stand in endless lines, or deal with endless paperwork. Let Certified Field Agent take care of all the grunt work of obtaining the birth or death certificates you need. You’ll be so glad you did!
  7. Dealing with a lawsuit? We can help you out by providing all the essential documents you need, whether it’s mortgage agreements, tax records, bankruptcy filings, or anything else. We make dealing with the complex American legal system much easier.
  8. Our clients include lawyers, hospital employees, construction workers, teachers, parents, … and on and on! We serve everyone who needs to get ahold of essential data FAST.

Contact Certified Field Agent by calling 714-632-3480 today! Our friendly, professional certified field agents are standing by to help you get the data you need.