What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a term for when a person or business can no longer repay their debts. Having to file for bankruptcy can be a devastating decision to make. Reasons why people file for bankruptcy include medical situations leading to significant debt and student loans. But filing for bankruptcy can help people by discarding debt or making a plan to repay debts. It also helps people get a second chance by liquidating their assets to pay their debts or by creating a repayment schedule. Bankruptcy can also lower your credit rating, making it more difficult to get a loan, mortgage, or low-rate credit card, or to buy a home or business.

Filing for Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney can assist in filing for bankruptcy. There are multiple types of bankruptcy. The most common type is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is often known as liquidation bankruptcy where assets are sole off the pay off debt and creditors. Anyone who files for bankruptcy usually is required to take credit counseling courses within a certain amount of months of filing. Other types of bankruptcy fillings are Chapter 11, 13, and 15. Regardless of the type of bankruptcy one files, there are multiple types of records that are needed for the filings.

How Certified Field Agent can help

Bankruptcy records are some times difficult to locate and may require multiple fees to gain access to them. Personal and business bankruptcy cases are handled by the federal bankruptcy counts in the United States. Often, bankruptcy fillings and any type of related records are difficult to retrieve. For our trained certified field agents, locating and retrieving bankruptcy fillings and records is not hard at all. We have streamlined the process and trained our team of agents. With the help of Certified Field Agent we can collect the information needed for you in a fraction of the time and costs.

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