Become a Certified Field Agent

Open the door to exciting freelance work opportunities as a certified field agent

CFA Vendors Are you looking for extra income? Maybe your current job has bumped you down to part time due to cutbacks, or maybe you are a stay-at-home parent looking for something to do while the kids are at school. Maybe you are even looking for full time work. Either way, becoming a certified field agent can offer you some exciting and lucrative opportunities.

What is a certified field agent?

A certified field agent is an independent contractor serving as a representative of a company, typically in a fact-finding or information-gathering capacity. For example, many financial institutions like banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies use certified field agents to visually inspect property such as heavy equipment, RVs, boats, computers, and other times that may have been offered as collateral for a loan. The certified field agent would visit the person receiving the loan and collect the model and serial numbers from the items serving as collateral to verify that the financial institution has accurate information about the collateral. Certified field agents might also be called upon to visit foreclosed properties or check items surrendered in a bankruptcy.

Why would I want to become a certified field agent?

Working as a certified field agent offers the opportunity to make money without being tied to a desk or a set schedule. You basically get to be your own boss, accepting only the jobs you want to take and completing them when it’s convenient for you (within the given deadlines of course). This type of job flexibility is ideal for people with lots of responsibilities and obligations that they have to work around. The work is different every day and some certified field agent jobs are actually really fun. For example, sometimes companies use certified field agents as mystery shoppers, so you might get to go see a movie and eat some popcorn for free in exchange for providing information about the theater’s customer service and operations. You can work for lots of different companies to keep things interesting, and it’s easy to scale your workload up or down to accommodate other demands on your time or the need for additional income.

What do I need to be successful?

A successful certified field agent needs to have reliable transportation to get to the different job sites, as well as a camera for documentation. You’ll also need a scanner and a high speed internet connection in order to return documentation to your employers. A cell phone may also be required for some jobs. Finally, you will need the ability to be organized and self-motivated, as well as to pass a certified field agent training course.