Why You Should Become A Certified Field Agent

Working as a Certified Field Agent Has Lots Of Exciting Benefits

Certified Field AgentAs we all are probably aware by now, finding and keeping a good job these days is a tough thing to do. With a bad economy, high layoff rates, and a lack of companies hiring the job market in the United States is pretty bleak to say the least. As a result, many people have turned to working multiple part time jobs or jobs that are really below their skill level or outside of their comfort zone to compensate. Wouldn’t it be nice to work a job where you could choose your own hours, working as much or as little as you liked? If this interests you then becoming a Certified Field Agent may be a great option for you.

Benefits of Working As a Certified Field Agent

A Certified Field Agent is an independent contractor who works as an official representative of a professional company or entity to complete tasks on the company’s behalf. Although many of our Field Agents specialize in and work with document retrieval, there are countless different tasks that Certified Field Agents are asked to perform and there are many benefits that come with working as an Agent.

Flexible Work Schedule

One of the best benefits that Certified Field Agents enjoy is the flexibility in their work hours. Because Certified Field Agents are independent contractors they get to enjoy the benefits of selecting when they want to work. As a Certified Field Agent you have the ability to choose which jobs you take on and deny, meaning that you can work as little or much as you’d like. Certified Field Agents are basically their own bosses, choosing how frequently they want to work and setting their own hours. If you happen to have some extra free time one week and need money to pay bills, you can choose to take on several tasks that week. On the flip side, if you have another job that is requiring a lot of your time there is no obligation for you to take on any extra Field Agent tasks. When and how much you work is completely up to you. You are not tied down to working a 9 to 5 schedule or a daily desk job to earn money. You are your own boss.

Constant Workflow

As mentioned earlier, in these tough economic time searching for jobs is not an easy task. By working as a Certified Field Agent, however, finding work will never be an issue. Certified Field Agents are allowed to choose which jobs they do and do not take on, and if they want to work 40 or more hours in a week there will there will be plenty of work for them to do so. Instead of having to search for clients and business like in most jobs, work is brought to Field Agents once they are certified. Field Agents do not have to track down companies that need tasks done for them. All they have to do is pass a certification course with CertfiedFieldAgent.com and we will come to you with jobs. We consistently get contracted to handle tasks around the country so no matter where you are located you will be able to find work as a Certified Field Agent.

Interesting Work

As a Certified Field Agent you will have the opportunity to work many different jobs for many different companies. CertfiedFieldAgent.com gets work orders from various different types of clients who are looking for particular tasks to be handled. In the past, Field Agent tasks have included document retrieval, data collection, loan collateral inspections, business studies and evaluations, and foreclosure inspections among other things. The type of task that you may handle is always changing so the work will not become boring to you. And if you happen to perform a task that you didn’t enjoy you are not obligated to do that task again. Simply don’t take on that type of work.

Get Certified Today

Working as a Certified Field Agent can open up many possibilities both work wise and financially for you. Field Agents enjoy many benefits that people who work average day jobs do not get to experience. So if you are ready for a fresh, new approach to your work schedule as a Certified Field Agent fill out our contact form today.