Certified Field Agent Can Help You in Everyday Life

Certified Field Agent Can Help You in Everyday Life

The old saying is that you never know what you have until it’s gone. Another saying could be, you never know what you’re missing until you need it! This can be true in so many different situations, but one that comes to mind is documents. How often do you go to apply for something or complete a task only to realize that you need other records to complete the process? Applying for a mortgage requires credit reports and documentation of your employment. Signing up for a recreational sports team requires a copy of your health insurance card. You don’t even realize that you need these type of documents until an organization or company requests them

So, what happens when you need documents and cannot find them? That’s where Certified Field Agent comes into play. We offer document retrieval services across the country. You might not think you’ll ever need us, but here are a few very real world examples of when that line of thinking would be incorrect:

Planning a Trip Abroad

You’ve finally decided to take that trip out of the country! If it’s the first trip of its kind for you, you’ll likely need to apply for a passport. That means you’ll need a copy of your birth certificate among other things. Can’t find your birth certificate? That’s going to be an issue! If you need help locating your birth certificate last minute – remember it takes weeks if not months to receive a passport after you’ve applied for it – Certified Field Agent can help.

Applying for a Marriage License

Wedding bells are in your future and that’s a very exciting thing! You’ll have to visit your local courthouse to apply for a marriage license, which isn’t too difficult or expensive. Although, if you’ve been married and divorced previously, this can become a bit more complicated. You will actually need a copy of your divorce decree to proceed. If you cannot locate this crucial piece of documentation, Certified Field Agent can do it for you.

Creating Family Medical History

Someone in your family has become ill and you’ve started thinking about compiling your family medical history for all. That’s hard to do without copies of medical records and these aren’t always easy to track down. Thankfully, with Certified Field Agent, you can send us to locate copies of them.

Any of these scenarios seem familiar?

Do any of these scenarios seem like something that you could experience in your lifetime? Truth be told, there are many times throughout your life that you might come to rely on Certified Field Agent. When that time comes, we’ll be happy to assist you. With an ever expanding network of document retrieval specialists, Certified Field Agent has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help. Simply give us a call at 714-632-3480 or visit our website Certified Field Agent if you are looking for assistance tracking down official documents.