How Certified Field Agent Can Help You in the Real World

April 18, 2018

Large living room with stack of moving boxes

So, you need to locate some records? That might not seem hard, but do you know where to start? Do you know who to call or where to go? Do you know where you will park and how long you will probably stand in line? The truth of the matter is that tracking down copies of your personal records is not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is here to help!

What is Certified Field Agent?

Certified Field Agent is a company that assists clients with document retrieval. Our document retrieval specialists act as the intermediary between you and the facilities holding the records you requested. They are HIPAA compliant and thoroughly trained in proper document recovery techniques. If you are looking for personal records and documents, Certified Field Agents can help track them down.

How can Certified Field Agent help me?

You might think you will never need to use Certified Field Agent, but there are countless reasons why you might need to utilize our top-notchdocument retrieval services, such as:

  • Getting remarried: If you are getting remarried, some states require that you provide a copy of your divorce decree when applying for your new marriage license. If you can’t find yours, you will need to quickly obtain a copy. Certified Field Agent can dispatch an agent to obtain a copy and help you sail blissfully towards the wedding bells.
  • Planning to travel abroad: If you are planning to travel abroad you will need to apply for a passport. A certified copy of a birth certificate is required to apply for a passport. If you cannot locate yours and are unsure where to even turn, we can help!
  • Moving across the country: Planning to move across the country? If so, you will need to get copies of your medical records to give to your new physician. Even moving to a different part of the state will require this action if you switch doctors. It’s never fun to wait on hold with the doctor’s office so you should employ CFA to help!
  • Dealing with the IRS: Need to obtain copies of your old tax filings for a fight with the IRS? Certified Field Agents can help with that too!

Do you need the help of Certified Field Agent?

Now that you know many real-world scenarios where Certified Field Agent could be helpful, did you realize that you need our assistance? If so, give us a call at 714-632-3480 today! You might look at the list above and shrug it off since none of them currently apply to you, but this list is by no means all-encompassing. To learn more about the other records we can retrieve, check us out on the web at Certified Field Agent. We will be happy to work with you and track down the records that you require!