Certified Field Agents 101

September 4, 2017

Certified Field Agents 101

September means a few different things. It means that fall is almost here, that football season is officially starting, and that kids are heading back to school! Do you ever miss the days of hopping on the bus and heading to your classroom for the first time to meet your new teacher and catch up with friends? The first day of school always had an aura of excitement surrounding it that you haven’t felt in years.

The good news is that it’s not too late to head back to school…figuratively speaking that is. Here’s a crash course on Certified Field Agent to quench your thirst for knowledge!

What does Certified Field Agents do?

At Certified Field Agent, we serve as the intermediary between our clients and the facility holding the documents they have requested. After submitting their order for documents, we will dispatch one of our experienced Certified Field Agents to visit the facility and obtain copies of the records you have requested. We offer this service in a timely, efficient and affordable manner and have 28 of experience to back it up.

What kind of documents can Certified Field Agent retrieve?

At Certified Field Agent, we can locate official records and documents of almost any nature. If you need a copy of medical or dental records, we can track them down for you. We are also able to locate legal documents, such as Wills, Titles of Ownership, Divorce Decrees, Marriage Licenses, and even Birth Certificates. If you are looking for financial documents regarding bankruptcy filings or tax records, we can also locate those. Simply put, whatever official records you are looking to track down, Certified Field Agent can help!

How can you join the Certified Field Agent team?

It is simple and easy to apply to join the Certified Field Agent team. Simply visit our website at Certified Field Agents to check out the opportunity and submit your application. If you meet the requirements listed on the site, someone will be in touch with you for an interview. You can continue to quench your thirst for knowledge with our training course!

Do you want to learn more about Certified Field Agent?

At Certified Field Agent, we are experts on environmental waste remediation. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and has decades of experience in the industry. We may not have secured a teaching license, but we know the importance of removing these hazards in a timely manner to keep you and your family safe. Our work is completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner, ensuring that you and your family can resume regular operations as quickly as possible. If you have identified mold, lead, asbestos or PCBs, call us immediately at 714-632-3480. We will work with you to schedule a consultation and get to work as quickly as possible. To learn more in the interim, you can always visit us online at Certified Field Agents.