Common Reasons You Might Need Your Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is an extremely important document. Wondering why you might need a copy of your birth certificate? Keep reading for 5 common reasons why you’ll need a copy of your birth certificate.

  1. Registering for School
  2. When you register for school, chances are that you will need to submit a copy of your birth certificate to prove your age. Schools want to make sure that your child is the appropriate age to start school, which is why you’ll likely need to present a copy of a birth certificate to register your child for school.

  3. Proof of Age
  4. If you ever need proof of your age, your birth certificate is an essential piece of document to help do that. This is especially important before kids are able to apply for government identification like a permit or driver’s license. If your child is trying to apply for working papers when they are younger than 16, they might need a copy of their birth certificate to prove what age they are.

  5. Applying for a Passport
  6. Traveling the world is exciting, but you’ll need a passport to do that. And in order to apply for a passport, you’ll need your birth certificate. A photocopy of your birth certificate won’t do either, you’ll need the original or a certified copy. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a planned trip because you can’t get a passport, but thankfully Certified Field Agent can help!

  7. Proof of Citizenship
  8. If you ever need proof of citizenship, your birth certificate will do just that. The birth certificate records your birth and includes details like the day you were born, what hospital you were born at, your parents’ names and social security numbers, and even the county and state that you were born in.

  9. Registering for Sports
  10. When registering your child for sports you might need a copy of their birth certificate. That’s because sports leagues need to verify the age of those children applying to be in them.

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Whether you are registering your child for a sports team or applying for a passport, chances are you are going to need your birth certificate to do that. And if you don’t have your original birth certificate, you’ll need a certified copy from the County Clerk’s Office. Thankfully, instead of dealing with the hassle and frustration of receiving that copy on your own, you can simply call Certified Field Agent and we’ll do it for you! Give us a call today at 714-632-3480 to learn more or request a quote for our services.

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