Financial Consequences of Missing Documents

Financial ConsequencesIt may be challenging to keep track of hardcopy paperwork in our current digital age, but doing so is a must. Individuals who lose critical documents can suffer some serious financial consequences. There are many reasons people let these important papers slip through the cracks, such as during a move, after a divorce, because of a fire, or simply as a result of absentmindedness. Some very important documents have to be lugged around for decades, or even a lifetime. That’s a long time to have to keep tabs on a pile of papers. Luckily, for those who do lose their hardcopies of birth certificates, tax records, and titles of ownership, there are services that can help to retrieve them, quickly and confidentially.

Lost Birth Certificate 

If you have lost your birth certificate, you may meet up with several closed doors. For example, if you were planning to join the military to start a new career as a soldier, the lack of a birth certificate could cost you your free pass to boot camp. Or if you were just offered an impromptu trip to Europe, all expenses paid, you might have to stay home because you need a paper certifying your birth to obtain a passport. You can’t even marry the spouse-to-be of your dreams without this critical document, because it’s need to apply for a marriage license. But you don’t have to miss valuable opportunities when you hire a CFA (certified field agent) to retrieve your misplaced certificate.

Tax Records 

When applying for a mortgage, loan officers will need to see your tax records. Those records play an important part in determining the interest rates you’ll be able to secure on your house loan. If you can’t locate your taxes, your loan might be slowed down or even denied. You might miss out on a great deal for low rates, or even the house itself, without copies of your taxes. Unfortunately, in hot markets, sellers don’t like to wait around for mortgage-related snags, so the window of opportunity may close. This is another time to call on a CFA who can step in to gather these documents in an efficient manner.

Titles of Ownership

When it comes time to sell a used vehicle, you need the title of ownership. If the perfect buyer for your old 1984 Chevy finally shows up, but you have misplaced the title, that buyer may disappear, and the car may remained parked in your driveway for an eternity.

A certified field agent is a representative of a company that specializes in retrieving lost documents. These specialists know the shortcuts for gathering up customers’ missing paperwork just in the nick of time. Each agent has a security clearance for dealing with sensitive information, so there are no worries about confidentiality issues. When you stand to lose money because you can’t find an important document, all you have to do is contact Certified Field Agent and they will be happy to retrieve it for you.