Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Document Retrieval

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Document Retrieval

Birth Certificates. Medical Records. Titles of Ownership. Tax Filings.

What do all of these have in common? Well, they are records that are essential to have in certain circumstances, that we aren’t aware are missing until we cannot locate them.

What do I do if I cannot find important documents?

If you cannot locate important documents, it’s essential that you begin the process of obtaining official copies right away. You shouldn’t wait until you need them because you might run into delays. What if you need your birth certificate to apply for a passport for an upcoming trip, but there is an issue at the County Clerk’s Office and you cannot get a copy right away. You might miss out on your trip! That is why you should make a list of all the important documents that you cannot locate and get to work tracking them down immediately

Is there someone that can help me track down copies of records?

It might seem overwhelming to try and locate these documents on your own and truthfully, it can be. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent offers document retrieval services to help locate official records and documents for you. Our field agents are trained, experienced and skilled, and can help track down and obtain copies for you quickly and affordably. Instead of stressing, let Certified Field Agent do the work and deal with the hassle for you.

What types of files and documents can Certified Field Agent locate for me?

At Certified Field Agent, we do it all. Almost any official, medical or legal document that you can think of, we can obtain for you. Medical records are some of the most common records that are requested, but that is certainly not where our services end. In addition to obtaining copies of medical records, we can also help you get certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, and marriage licenses. As far as finances go, we can also track down tax filings, bankruptcy documents, and even will and trust documents.

Do I have a right to my medical records?

Yes, you absolutely have a right to your medical records! In fact, HIPAA specifically dictates that patients must be granted access to copies of their records. Practices may charge a “reasonable” fee to make the copies for you and the original records are the property of the physicians, but you have a right to view and copy your records.

Do you need to obtain copies of records right away?

If you are looking to obtain copies of any types of files or records, contact Certified Field Agent today. Since 1993 we have provided quality document retrieval services throughout the United States and we will be happy to help. Whether it is a birth certificate so you can apply for a passport, medical records from another state, or Title records, you can trust Certified Field Agent to get the job done.