Heading to College and Need some Extra Cash? Apply to CertifiedFieldAgent.com Now!

Heading to College and Need some Extra Cash? Apply to CertifiedFieldAgent.com Now!The summer is really winding down and lots of people are starting to gear up for the school year to start. If you’re a recent high school graduate and you’re heading to college in the fall, you probably have a lot on your mind.

Got your new laptop, mini-fridge, and back to school clothes? How about some special new pens? Are you trying to squeeze in some more time with your high school friends before you all spread out across the country? Say goodbye to your high school sweetheart or promise to Skype every night to try to hold onto your long-distance love?

It’s such a huge transition to go from living at home in high school to on your own in a completely new environment in college. How are you preparing?

Maybe the financial reality of going to college is starting to sink in. As you sign promissory notes and other loan documents, do you feel a sense of dread? If you have older siblings or friends, you’re probably aware of the tough financial situations many have felt since the recession hit in 2006. Some aren’t even able to find a job in their chosen field upon graduation, and end up attempt to pay back their loans while working meager, low-wage jobs. How demoralizing!

Maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that no, that won’t happen to you—the economy will be doing better in 4 years by the time you graduate, your chosen field is easier to find work in, or perhaps you think you just have better luck than others do.

Whichever end of the spectrum you sit on—panic or self-assurance, or if you oscillate between the two—wouldn’t it be helpful to have an extra financial boost right about now?

If your answer to this question is “yes, absolutely,” consider applying to join the team at Certified Field Agent. The requirements for being a certified field agent can be found here. Many high school graduates should be able to aptly meet these requirements. Feel free to contact Certified Field Agent if you have any questions at phone: 714-632-3480 or email info@datafied.com.

What’s great about working for Certified Field Agent is that you can set your own schedule because all tasks are project-based. So if you just have an hour or so a day, or only a few hours on the weekend to fit in your work, that’ll work just fine.

If you have a medical coding certification, that’s especially helpful because at Certified Field Agent, our specialty is medical coding. It’s pretty easy to get certified for medical coding online, so if you’re not already certified, consider doing so before school begins.

Give yourself the opportunity to join a national team of certified field agents who consistently deliver excellent results to all clients. You’ll be improving your resume before you even begin attending college!

Get started today by filling out our online application.