Importance of Having Your Birth Certificate

September 18, 2014

Birth CertificateThere are certain documents in life that you just can’t afford to go without. One of those documents is your legal birth certificate. Birth certificates are required by law for every newborn baby in most countries. Birth certificates are important for a multitude of different reasons and you will need to use your birth certificate at several different instances in your life.

What Is The Purpose of a Birth Certificate?

The main reason why birth certificates are necessary is for identification purchases. Birth certificates are filled out because they provide important personal information that is used to legally identify an individual. Typically, birth certificates will contain basic information such as:

  • Legal name
  • Parents’ legal names
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Type of birth
  • Certificate number

A birth certificate provides a newly born child with their first rights to basic human services and protections. This information is used throughout any individual’s life and without a legally honored certification it will be impossible to participate in several important programs and benefits. Birth certificates are important to national governments because they help provide an accurate count of the number of people in any given country. If birth certificates are not issued regularly it can lead to an inaccurate count of a nation’s children. With an inaccurate count government planning and services are likely to be unsufficient to support all of the children. Birth certificates are also utilized by governments to help prevent abuse, trafficking, and overall suffering to children. If a child is not legally registered at birth there is little that a government can do to help that child.

When Will I Need My Birth Certificate?

As a citizen it is your right to have a copy of your own and your family members’ birth certificates. Throughout your life time you will need your birth certificate on several different occasions.

  • Registering for school. In order for any child to first register for school a legal birth certificate is required. Schools use birth certificates to verify that the child’s basic information such as sex, date of birth, and other details are correct.
  • Obtaining a driver’s license. When an individual applies for a driver’s license the government requires that a birth certificate is provided in order to verify the applicants age.
  • Obtaining a marriage license. When getting legally married the courts also require that you present a birth certificate.
  • Getting a passport. It is required by law to have a passport proving your country of citizenship in order to travel internationally. To obtain your passport you must provide your legal birth certificate for information validation purposes.
  • Opening a bank account. In order to open a saving account at any bank you are required to provide the bank with your birth certificate so they can prove that you actually are who you say you are.
  • Applying for Social Security. Your birth certificate is required by the government when filing to receive Social Security. If you do not submit your legal birth certificate you will be unable to qualify for benefits.
  • Obtaining insurance. Many insurance companies require you to provide a birth certificate when you apply for health insurance, pension plans, and other forms of coverage.

How Can I Obtain A Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates are issued to you when you are born and because of this they often get damaged or misplaced. If you are having trouble finding your birth certificate or simply don’t know how to obtain a new one, utilize the skills of a Certified Field Agent to collect it for you. Our professional agents have experience working with the agencies that keep your records so remove the stress from yourself and let us help you today.