Looking for Extra Cash This Summer?

Looking for Extra Cash This Summer?Summer is upon us, and with that comes the freedom and enjoyment of being done with your semester of college. You will have barbeques, days at the beach, campouts and road trips with friends on your itinerary, but those things require money. While it’s nice to have extra cash on hand, you don’t want to give up late night study sessions and morning classes for a morning shift at the local bagel shop or a late night movie theater work shift. With Certified Field Agent, we offer flexible work on an assignment by assignment basis, so you can generate some extra cash this summer, without sacrificing all of your freedom.

Flexible Schedules

You might be hesitant to take on a summer job because you’ll be tied down with a set schedule. If you work at the local movie theater or mall, you’ll be scheduled a week in advance and might not be able to get off work for spur of the moment plans with your friends. Thankfully, with Certified Field Agent, you choose the hours that you work. Assignments are given on a project by project basis so if you know your friends and planning a road trip, you can simply turn down the assignment offered to you. When you’re back, pick up a couple extras to make up for lost time!

There Are Varying Levels of CFA’s

You might wonder if you have the qualifications to serve as a CFA for Certified Field Agent, but the good news is that there are varying levels. The most basic level requires that you are 18 years of age, have a computer with internet access, a valid driver’s license and mode of transportation, among a few other things. As you move up the ranks, there is more training and advanced requirements, but for the most part you just need to be dedicated and a hard worker to join the CFA team.

The Application Process is Simple!

If interviews aren’t your thing, that’s okay! At Certified Field Agent our application process is very simple. You simply fill out an application online and someone will contact you shortly regarding your fit with the organization. You don’t need to worry about wandering around town requesting applications or to meet with the manager or owner of an establishment. Our interviews are conduction over the phone after you’ve submitted an application. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Are You Ready to Join the Certified Field Agent Team?

Are you ready to start making some extra cash for summer? If you’re home from college, joining the Certified Field Agent team is a way to make some extra cash while still maintaining a flexible schedule. If you are interested in applying to join our network of CFA’s, please visit our website at Certified Firld Agent . We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our team of quality Certified Field Agents.