Looking for a New Dentist After All of the Halloween Candy You Ate This Year?

Looking for a New Dentist After All of the Halloween Candy You Ate This Year?Halloween is over and that means whatever candy wasn’t gobbled up by hungry trick-or-treaters is now yours to keep! While that’s an exciting prospect, three days later when you’ve consumed two bags of snickers and a few king-size Butterfingers on your own, you might think differently.

In fact, once you look down at the pile of wrappers that have accumulated on your coffee table, you might start thinking about your dental health. Has it been a while since you visited your dentist? Do you even have the option of going to your old dentist anymore? Unfortunately, if you have moved or your old dentist closed up shop, you will need to find a place taking new patients. When you call to make a first appointment, they might ask you to bring a copy of your old dental records with you.

Just like medical records, it’s important that your new dentist has the most accurate information possible to work off of. That is because they having old x-rays and information can help them provide you the best care. If you’ve moved or your old dentist closed their office, you might not knew where to even begin with tracking down copies of past dental records. That is where Certified Field Agents come into the picture.

Certified Field Agents Offers Dental Record Retrieval Services

At Certified Field Agents, we know the importance of medical professionals having the most accurate information to work from really is. That is why we help people from all over obtain copies of their medical records. The process is simple and can be started with a simple phone call.

Certified Field Agents is a Company That You Can Trust

Backed by the Datafied brand, Certified Field Agents is a name that you can trust. Our global network of field agents can track down records quickly and efficiently to ensure that your dentist has the information as soon as possible. Our team is highly qualified, undergo thorough background checks and are even trained on HIPAA and other confidentiality requirements. When it comes to choosing a record retrieval specialist for your dental records, Certified Field Agents is at the top of the game.

Are you interested in tracking down your dental records?

If you stumbled across a pile of candy wrappers and realized that your sweet tooth might be causing some cavities, it’s time to visit the dentist! If you are looking into visiting a new dentist for one reason or another, we can help obtain copies of past dental records for you. Simply visit our website at Certified Field Agents or give us a call at 714-632-3480. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help!