Make Some Extra Cash for Summerc

Make Some Extra Cash for SummercSummer is coming much quicker than anticipated and that means that school will be out of session and the real family fun begins. Think about all of the great memories you will make with your children. There will be backyard bonfires, trips to the beach or local amusement parks, and even an epic family road trip that your kids will remember for years to come. Unfortunately, many of these fun outings cost money and with a tightening economy it can be hard enough to pay the bills on time, let alone afford vacations and entertainment.

Taking a second job could help increase your bank account, making summer spending possible, but with a full schedule and home life to juggle you might not be able to commit. Thankfully, Certified Field Agent is looking to hire motivated people like yourself.

What will I do for Certified Field Agent?

At Certified Field Agent, our customers contact us when they need medical, legal, court or other documents retrieved. As a Certified Field Agent (CFA), you serve as the intermediary between our clients and the facility retaining the requesting documents. If medical records are requested, you will visit their doctor to copy the files. If a Divorce Decree is required, you will go to the court or governmental building that has the requested documentation. While working at Certified Field Agent, you can think of yourself as a document retrieval specialist.

What are the benefits of Certified Field Agent?

At Certified Field Agent, you will see a variety of benefits. First, the application process is simple and the list of requirements is quite basic. We are looking for motivated and dedicated people to join our quality team and if that describes you, feel free to apply! Second, you are not required to commit to a regular weekly schedule. You can take on jobs on a project by project basis, whenever you have free time. That means you can accommodate working at night, or only during the day, and if you need entire weeks off, that is entirely possible. The flexibility and ability to pick and choose your jobs, makes this a great opportunity to generate some extra income.

 Are you ready to join the team?

If the exciting opportunity described above piques your interest and you are thinking about joining the team, give us a call! Joining Certified Field Agent can be a great way to generate some extra income while maintain your day job. Tasks can be taken on a project by project basis and you can work the hours that suit you. If you need a week off to take your family on a summer vacation, that’s no problem. If you need to work nights, that’s not a problem either. At Certified Field Agent, we invest in our CFAs, giving them the tools they need to succeed. If you are ready to join our team, visit our website or give us a call at 714-632-3480 to learn more.