Records for Dental Information

It is recommended that you get a dental check up at least twice a year with a dentist. Additionally, based on the condition of your teeth, your doctor may recommend more frequent visits. If you have a cavity or any teeth issues, you may need different types of dental procedures as well. All of this dental information will be documented into your dental records. Dental records also contain information on all your dental clinic visits, dental notes, and dental tests conducted. Dental records include personal patient information and other dental treatment data by the dental professional and practice.

Importance of Dental Records

Dental records are extremely important. Not only do they document and keep a record of all your dental information, dental records also can be used for forensic purposes, role in teaching and research, and in legal matters. Properly documented dental records are the best defense against any type of malpractice or other types of litigation. The dental records also serve as a way to document all your past dental health history. Having all this recorded will help your new dental care provider continue your care. In cases when you ever choose to switch providers or have to move to a new area and find a new dental provider. Having dental records can assist in a smooth continuance of your dental care.

Getting copies of Dental Records

If you would like copies of your dental records or have lost or misplaced them, you can try to get copies yourself. This would involve finding the records by contacting all the dentists and dental offices you have visited in the past. It can be confusing and frustrating to narrow down the possible locations of the records and dentist offices. When the dental records are finally located, there is usually a fee associated with copying or recreating the dental records. However, there is a much easier way to obtain your dental records. Rely on Certified Field Agent to find, locate, and copy your dental records for you. We have a team of specialized experts in the field of secure documentation exchange. Our team is all certified field agents trained to locate dental records appropriately and efficiently. We also use the latest technology to make locating your documents easier and faster. There is a way to offer real time tracking of your document request with our technology. Rely on our team at Certified Field Agent to get copies of your dental records. Give us a call today at 714-632-3480!