Say Hello to College & Goodbye to Your Bank Account

September 22, 2017

Say Hello to College & Goodbye to Your Bank Account

Summer is over. That means no more mid-week beach trips, no more summer concert series, and no more spontaneous road trips. No, you’re heading back to college. That means meeting new people, late night study sessions, college football games and parties. If you’re leaving home, that often means leaving a summer job behind. Expenses in college can quickly add up. You’ve got to pay for food and text books and even deck out your dorm or apartment. Your parents probably aren’t paying for your clothes or frequently giving you gas money either. When you say hello to college, you can often be saying goodbye to a sizeable chunk of your bank account. If you find yourself at college and asking how you can make extra money while in school, consider joining the team at Certified Field Agent.

Who is Certified Field Agent?

Certified Field Agent is a company that serves as a link between people requesting documents and the facilities that store these documents. If our clients are looking for a copy of a birth certificate, they will contact us and we can track down a certified copy for them. If a customer wants their medical records, we contact the medical facility holding them and obtain copies. From legal and court documents to medical and financial records, we can assist our customers with their document retrieval.

What does a Certified Field Agent do?

As a field agent for Certified Field Agent, you will be tasked with locating the documents that our customers request. Once their request comes in, it will be processed by our administrative team and offered to a field agent located near the facility holding the requested document or documents. Work is assigned on a project by project basis, so you won’t need to worry about scheduling regular work times. If a project comes in during the middle of exam weeks, you can easily turn it down!

How can you become a Certified Field Agent?

Become a field agent for Certified Field Agent is a simple process. You will just need to visit our website and fill out the online application, along with submitting a resume. We have some basic requirements, including being 18 years of age, having your own computer, printer and scanner, among other things. In addition, you must have a car, valid driver’s license and submit to a background check.

Are you ready to join?

If you are looking for a flexible part time job while in college, Certified Field Agent can be a great option for you! You can work the jobs you want, when you want. This ensures that your bank account doesn’t plummet completely, without interfering with your school work. If you’re interested in joining our team, visit Certified Field Agent to submit an application.