Tax Records Retrieval

Tax Records RetrievalThe common piece of advice that frequently gets passed around is that all legal records should be kept for seven years. This is the amount of time that organizations are required to keep in order to review information from the past. The only problem is that this isn’t all possible – fires, floods, and other “acts of God” can destroy the records. Maybe even a simple human mistake resulted in the loss of your tax records, but now you need to get ahold of them. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) retains copies of prior tax records, but they’re not available online anywhere.

If you need to track down some old tax records, don’t give up hope! Just use Certified Field Agent – you can obtain lost tax records via one of our Certified Field Agents. After retrieving your records, they won’t be susceptible to natural disasters any longer because they’ll be securely stored on our server.

What is a Certified Field Agent?

Certified field agents, also known as CFAs, are people who have studied the principles and guidelines established by Certified Field Agent and have passed our certification exam. We personally review every person who applies to join our team of Certified Field Agents, and hold them to high ethical and performance standards so that we can guarantee that they’ll deliver ideal results to every client they interact with.

What else does Certified Field Agent do?

Certified Field Agent is your record retrieval specialist company. We have partner cities located in many of the United States’ most populous areas. Check out a rough map of the areas we serve here. When requesting tax record retrieval or any other service, be sure to mention what city you’re located in so we can verify whether our agents operate there.

We can handle any record retrieval task that you need to be accomplished in the most efficient, accurate, secure manner possible. That includes the retrieval of:

  • Medical records
  • Divorce papers
  • Trust documents
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Birth certificates
  • Dental records
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Tax records
  • Death certificates
  • Titles of ownership
  • Any other custom service request

Start working with Certified Field Agent today by calling 714-632-3480 or emailing info@datafied.com. Or use this online form. Whether you’re a patient, insurance company, doctor, attorney, or disabled person, we’ll be glad to get the data you need ASAP when you contact us today.