Thinking of Dressing Up as a Secret Agent This Halloween? How About a Certified Field Agent Instead!

Thinking of Dressing Up as a Secret Agent This Halloween? How About a Certified Field Agent Instead!

We all know the feeling as fall settles in and you start seeing Halloween decorations come out. Your neighbors might decorate by hanging cobwebs and other ghostly decorations around their house, and every time you visit the store you’re bombarded by displays of chocolates and candies.

That means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to be this Halloween. Whether you still go out with your college friends, will be walking your kids around, or are simply going to a costume party, it can be hard to choose what to be. Some people go for scary, some go for funny costumers, and others like to choose a costume that lets them live out a fantasy. While some people dress up like superheroes, others are drawn to the savvy 007 or other spies. Unfortunately, for those dressing up like Wonder Woman or Captain America, once Halloween passes by, the costumes get tucked away. For those wanting to be like a spy, however, there is a real life option – becoming a Certified Field Agent!

What is a Certified Field Agent?

A Certified Field Agent is someone tasked with retrieving documents that are requested by a client. Much like James Bond is tasked with locating sensitive files hidden away in enemy mansions, our Certified Field Agents track down files in hospitals, courthouses, medical facilities and more. While it doesn’t require you to sneak about and employ deceptive tactics, the principle is the same. Get in, get the sensitive documents, and get out. It’s as simple as that!

What are the requirements to become a Certified Field Agent?

Unlike working for the FBI, CIA or MI6, becoming a Certified Field Agent is relatively simple. There are basic requirements, such as having a driver’s license, laptop, printer/scanner, submitting to a background check, etc. You will also need to undergo some training, but it will involve HIPAA regulations and protocols, not hand to hand combat techniques. If you’re interested, just visit Certified Field Agent to fill out an application and submit your resume!

Are you looking for the closest job you can get to being a secret agent?

If you want to live out the fantasy of being a secret agent long after the ghost and witch decorations come down, apply to join our team! You might not be jetting around the world in helicopters or engaging in high speed chases in shiny sports cars, but you can pretend that your Honda Civic corners like it’s on rails. By joining Certified Field Agents, you can meander around town locating sensitive information that clients request. That’s the closest you’ll get to being 007, and the good thing is that it comes with a paycheck too! Visit Certified Field Agent to learn more or apply.