What Type of People Utilize Our Document Retrieval Services?

CERTIFIED FIELD AGENT strives to help all of their partners RETRIEVE THEIR needed DOCUMENTATION QUICKLY and securely

What Type of People Utilize Our Document Retrieval Services?At Certified Field Agent, it is our goal to diligently serve the needs of all of our customers. We can act as your authorized agent to retrieve a variety of different types of documentation from multiple different locations including medical facilities, courts, and government records offices across the country. And with our services we guarantee that you will receive all the records you need in a timely and secure manner. Any individual or company can hire our field agents to retrieve information that they are legally authorized to access, but our four most common clients are individuals, insurance companies, doctors, and attorneys.


Throughout our lifetimes, there are various occasions where we need copies of our birth certificates, medical records, dental records, and other personal information. If you need any of these important documents and you have recently discovered that you no longer have access to them, Certified Field Agent is here to help. The process is simple and we can start collecting your documents as soon as the order is placed. Simply provide us with as many details as you can about the organization holding the records and we will contact the facility on your behalf. We follow up with the facilities until we receive the documents that we have requested, and once we receive the documents, they are checked by our professional Quality Control staff to ensure that they are accurate. Our services allow individuals to locate and retrieve their personal records without them having to spend hours on the phone with hospitals or government offices or having to take time off from work in order to travel across town to retrieve a document in person.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often need to verify data when processing patient claims. Certified Field Agent can help with this process by facilitating the transfer of medical records from hospitals or medical facilities to the insurance company. We can provide high quality digital copies of the records that can be stored in the insurance company’s files to be used for various situations. These documents can be used to confirm the existence and extent of injuries requiring reimbursement from a car insurance company or to determine the severity of medical conditions requiring treatment and reimbursement from a health insurance company.


Doctors or healthcare providers sometimes need to retrieve copies of patient medical records in order to provide proper medical care, perform or comply with audits, or conduct research. Certified Field Agent can be especially helpful in cases where a large volume of records must be requested. Our agents can handle all the requests at once, even if this involves gathering records from different cities across the country. It is our goal to free up doctors and their office staff members so that they can focus on their core business operations instead of having to deal with the frustrating record retrieval process.


We can help all types of attorneys secure copies of various important documents that are needed in litigation. We go out and get medical records, dental records, divorce papers, will & trust documents, bankruptcy filings, titles, tax records, and whatever other types of official documentation that they may need in order to support their client’s position in a case. For example, we can help secure medical records showing proof of injuries for a domestic violence or personal injury case or retrieve titles to prove joint ownership of assets in a divorce case.

Solve Your Record Retrievals Issues Now

Retrieving copies of your important documents can be strenuous, tiresome work and oftentimes, this work does not bring you the desired results. Instead of dealing with the difficulties of document retrieval, there is a solution that can help you get all of the documents you need in a simple and timely manner. Certified Field Agent specializes in this retrieval process so call or contact us today to learn how we can deliver you exactly what you need.