Why Use a Certified Field Agent

Certified Field AgentEach and every one of us have important documents that are critical to our well being. Whether it’s medical records, tax records, birth certificates, or titles of ownership everybody has documents out there that are important to them. People should be able to access the documents that are important to them at any time, but for many people this is not the case. In addition to being readily available to their owners, it is also important that they are highly secured so that owner can control who has access to them. Obtaining copies of your important documents can be a difficult process as there are always hoops to jump through and you want to ensure that they are obtained in a safe, secure manner that you can trust. The best way to retrieve all of your important documents is to utilize the skills and services of a highly trained Certified Field Agent.

Mortgage Agreement Retrieval

Mortgage documents are important because they contain the terms of any loan that you have taken where you used your property as collateral. Without the agreement documents you will not know what you owe on the property and therefore, it is important to keep these documents safe and close by.

Will and Trust Retrieval

When someone sets up a will or trust a lawyer is typically involved and it is the lawyers responsibility to get these documents to their proper place. A trust names beneficiaries to an individual’s possessions and fortunes that are to be received upon the individual’s death. Having the actual will or trust documents in hand is crucial for the distribution of the deceased individual’s property so if you are a beneficiary make sure you know where to find these documents.

Title of Ownership Retrieval

When purchasing a car from an individual seller it is important to receive a bill of sale which documents the purchase of the vehicle. The seller should then sign over the title of the vehicle to you and both of these documents prove your ownership of the car. If there is ever a dispute down the line as to who owns the vehicle it is a must that you have these documents. If you have misplaced these documents or never received them then let a Certified Field Agent obtain them for you.

Bankruptcy Filing Retrieval

Filing for bankruptcy can be a messy process because you have to file through the federal bankruptcy courts. Trying to go through the federal courts to get copies of your filings and records is a difficult and expensive process as there are usually many fees they try to collect from you along the way. Don’t bother with the difficult process, let a Certified Field Agent gather your filings for you.

Tax Record Retrieval

Keeping track of your taxes is very important for your personal finance records. Government organizations can go back and look at your records dating back 7 years so it is recommended that you keep them at least this long. If you have misplaced your tax returns or they have been destroyed it is advised that you obtain new copies as soon as you can.

Birth and Death Certificate Retrieval

Both birth and death certificates are needed for important aspects of life. Birth certificates are needed to register children for school and are needed to obtain your passport where as death certificates are needed to settle the estate of a deceased person. Both certificates can be difficult to obtain from their respective offices especially if you need them in an urgent manner. Hiring a Certified Field Agent to retrieve these certificates or any of the documents above is the best way to ensure that you will get accurate copies of your records delivered to you in a secure, professional fashion.