Vital Records are More Than Just A Document

January 7, 2020

Vital Records are More Than Just A DocumentMost people go about the day without thinking about how important their personal vital records play in their everyday life. Vital records are documents like birth certificate, marriage certificates, divorce records, and death certificates. While these documents might not seem that important, they do mark significant milestones of a person’s life. It is very important keep your vital records in a safe place and know where they are located. Knowing the differences between important vital records can make transitioning through these events easy. To have a better understanding of these types of records and why you might need them is important. Below are eight common ways vital records play in your life.

  1. Birth: A birth certificate documents a person’s life into the world. Two types of birth certificate can be issued by a hospital. A live birth certificate is completed after delivery of a baby. In the event that a baby is delivered as a still born, a stillbirth certificate may be issue to document the death of a baby.
  2. School registration: Having your birth certificate is often required for enrolling in grade school or college. Your birth certificate can help you qualify for government loans for college.
  3. Driver’s license: Often the case, the most common form of ID to submit for a driver’s license is a birth certificate. However, other forms of ID can be submitted if you cannot provide a birth certificate for other reasons. Having your birth certificate can make this process much easier.
  4. Passport: If you travel internationally, a passport is an essential document you will need to show to prove your country of citizenship. Obtaining a passport requires a birth certificate to establish legal resident in a country.
  5. Marriage: It is odd that you would need to show a birth certificate to apply for a marriage certificate. Marriage certificates documents the union of two individuals and records birth information from both partners.
  6. Tax Purpose: To claim certain tax benefits, a marriage certificate may be required in order to benefit from different forms of tax deduction.
  7. Filing Divorce: As odd as this may sound, filling for divorce requires proof of marriage. A marriage certificate is to require to show proof when filling for a divorce. A divorce record is then recorded.
  8. Death Certificates: A death certificates documents the end of a person’s life. A death certificate is required to show proof of death before an insurance company will release any proceeds. Death certificate may be necessary to notify a financial agency of the death of a loved one in order to settle debts, close accounts, or file taxes.

Keep vital records in a safe place

These are just a few examples of how vital records paly such important role in peoples live. They are more than just papers but a living document of the many milestone a person achieves in life. Vital records are not document that should be stored in a drawer or box. These documents should be stored in a secured place to protect your identity.

If you don’t currently have a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or divorce certificate, our certified field agents can help you secure these documents. Tracking down vital records can be a challenging task if you don’t know who or where to contact for these vital records. Call our certified field agent specialist at 714-632-3480 to learn how we can help you.