We Go Get the Data You Need – ASAP!

We Go Get the Data You Need – ASAP!Certified Field Agent consists of a team of data retrieval experts who are dedicated to getting the data you need ASAP. A certified field agent (CFA) is a representative of Certified Field Agent who has satisfactorily met our quality and professional standards and is willing to perform data retrieval services in a specific geographical territory.

What kinds of data do you retrieve?

Our main specialty is the retrieval of medical data from hospitals, other medical facilities, and medical record retention centers. We also provide many other data retrieval services – we can get any data you need access to that you are authorized to have. Need dental records, birth or death certificates, mortgage agreements, will and trust documents, bankruptcy filings, titles of ownership, bankruptcy filings, or any other important document? We’re always happy to customize our services to meet your exact needs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Why use Certified Field Agent?

Certified Field Agent is the fastest, most reliable way to get the data you need. Our motto is, “We go get the data you need – ASAP!” and every single one of our CFAs abides by this motto every day. You can think of a CFA as the middleman/woman between medical facilities who have the data and our clients who request them for a multitude of reasons.

There are so many reasons people use Certified Field Agent for all their data retrieval needs. These essential documents can easily be misplaced, particularly in this digital age when people often don’t have many paper documents. When they do have paper copies of important documents, many people don’t have effective systems for retaining and storing these documents in the long-term. And when people do have storage systems for their important documents, natural disasters, unexpected circumstances, and other developments sometimes lead to the loss of these documents.

Just about every facility and document storage center has a different way of storing documents and a different procedure to allow for the release of these documents, which can be very frustrating when someone wants to get ahold of their documents ASAP. That’s where Certified Field Agent comes in. Requesting your documents through Certified Field Agent can save you a tremendous amount of time and stress because we have a complete database that indicates how to retrieval data in the fastest, most accurate way possible.

We also have secure software that allows us to retrieve and transmit the data to you in the safest way possible. You won’t have to worry about any unauthorized entity accessing your sensitive personal information when you request it from Certified Field Agent. Thousands of clients have relied on Certified Field Agent over the past 31 years, so you can confidently request data from Certified Field Agent without worrying about compromised security.

Ready to get started?

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting all your data retrieval needs. We serve many of the most populated areas in the US, so we probably have CFAs in your city. Find out what we can do for you today by calling 714-632-3480, emailing info@datafied.com, or sending us an online message here.