What’s In a Dental Record?

November 13, 2020

What's In a Dental Record?

Did you know that there are some instances where you might need copies of your dental records? Not sure why you might need copies of your dental records? The good news is that Certified Field Agent is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about dental records and why you might need to obtain copies of your dental records.

What’s in a dental record?

Dental records are also known as patient charts. These records consist of the information regarding your dental health. This includes diagnostic information, clinical notes, consent to treatment, treatment notes, and patient-doctor communication. Dental records also include your contact information like name, address, and phone number.

Why would you need access to your dental records?

While you might not think that dental records are anything you would ever need to be concern about, but there are some instances where you might need access to your dental records. If you are changing dental providers for some reason, whether you’re moving or simply do not like the current care that you are receiving, you may need the records to transfer them to the new office. If you are getting a dental or medical procedure done, the records might also be requested. These records can also help in cases of malpractice or to identify a deceased individual.

Is it easy to obtain a copy of dental records?

Dental records are owned by the office that creates them. That means you do not have a right to the original records. However, you can request a copy of the records. To do this, you simply need to submit a written request to the dentist’s office requesting your records. Depending on the state you live in, there can be a fee associated with this, though the fee can only include reasonable labor and material costs to create copies of the records.

Contact Certified Field Agent today if you need help locating copies of your dental records!

Your dental records contain all types of information. They consist of everything from dental history and diagnostic information to clinical notes and more. Obtaining copies of your dental records is often easier said than done but the good news is the Certified Field Agent is here to help. We have been providing record retrieval services for over 28 years and can easily assist with your dental record retrieval needs. Just give us a call today at 714-632-3480 to get started with the ordering process.

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